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About Us

(DEARS) is a non-profit and non-political organization that has been working for social, economical and environmental development of the poor and marginal people of the southwest coastal region of Bangladesh since 2005. The previous name of DEARS was Manab Kallayan Shangstha (MKS). The name was changed to DEARS in 2016 to address a government regulation and to avoid the duplication of another organization in the NGO Affairs Bureau. When unplanned shrimp cultivation, river erosion and various natural disasters compelled the coastal people to migrate to urban areas during the early 2000s, DEARS emerged from a local club to a development organization to stand beside vulnerable people to support their livelihood security and establish their rights. DEARS is registered under the Social Welfare Department Government of Bangladesh. DEARS is working with landless, marginal farmers, labour and women headed families, children and adolescents in the climate vulnerable area of Bangladesh.


Establishment of equality, where all people will live with equal human dignity and rights.


Creating a fair society by creating a favorable environment for sustainable living and living by changing the socio-cultural conditions of the weaker sections of the society, making them aware and organized in the development process and changing the socio-economic conditions by eliminating social discrimination.


To build a public society with mental preparedness for economic equality, creative cultural and sustainable environment management and the creation of a superstitious and politically conscious society.


  • To build self-esteem and dignity in economic, cultural and social fields by creating and organizing and raising awareness among the disadvantaged poor people, especially those involved in the folk arts, behind the society.
  • Helping the leadership of the leading population to develop and create organizations.
  • Receive awareness programs to establish human rights.
  • Working towards the cause of society.
  • To create a country-loving, self-respecting and skilled youth society.
  • Working to protect the rights of disadvantaged children.
    To build a sustainable life in rural management through the qualification of rural knowledge, farming, and culture through the knowledge of folk wisdom system.
  • To provide the necessary support to implement income-enhancing activities based on their own self and family assets to build them economically self-reliant.
  • Helping to lead a healthy and healthy life by providing health and education.
  •  Provide necessary advice and support for education, family planning, maternal and child welfare programs and population control.
  • To protect human rights through the efforts of the party, to prevent antisocial activity, to achieve fair rights and to establish justice.
  • Training necessary to develop human skills and improve skills in the elite population.
  •  Receive practical education, development, communication and incentive programs.
  • Support programs for establishing social rights and justice.
  • Offshore ecology, biodiversity conservation and environmental protection program.
  • Disability Welfare and Rehabilitation Program.
  • Education, skills and employment expansion programs for youth development.
  • Rehabilitation program for children of oppressed and trafficked women.
  • Acceptance of survey, research, evaluation and publishing programs.
  • Providing assistance to government / non-governmental organizations engaged in development activities.
  • To launch permanent academic programs for the skill development of folk artists and the need to sustain the art medium. Adopt a program to protect the rights of minorities and indigenous peoples.
  • To introduce the common people in the area with public facilities.

Working Strategies

* Ensuring community participation in social development
* Promoting local knowledge to combat global change
* Inspiring innovation for sustainability
* Engage youth for community development
* Public private partnership for social development

Legal Status

Sl noAuthorityReg. No
1Social Welfare DepartmentSat- 782
2NGO Affairs BureauComing soon

Management of DEARS

A General Council consist of 21 members is the supreme authority of organization. General Council assembles held annually.  General Council  is responsible for approve yearly budget, program, expenditure and necessary approval of policies. General Council is also responsible for selection/election of Executive Committee (EC) for two years. The Executive Committee (EC) consists seven members chaired by president/chairman. Executive Committee (EC) is responsible for organizational management, approve quarterly budget and expenditures, new projects and overall control. On behalf of EC Secretary of the organization is accountable for program management internal and external controls. A 5 member advisory committee for support the Executive Committee for smooth operation of the organization. Following is our existing Executive Committee (2019-2021)

1Md Gazi Al ImranChairmanMale15 YearsJournalist and Currently working as   Social Activist
2Md. Bella HossenVice-ChairmanMale5 yearsJournalist and Currently working as   Social Activist
3MM Abdullah Al MamunSecretaryMale19 yearsHe is Post Graduate in Geography and Environmental Science having experience 18 years in development field.
4Moniruzzaman MintuTreasurerFemale19 yearsHe is Master Degree level and former elected local Government representative. Currently working as   Social Activist
5Dr. AftabuzzamanOffice SecretaryMale2 yearsHe is a Doctor and involved in development activities in last 20 years.
6Abdullah Al MamunMemberMale10 yearsJournalist and Currently working as   Social Activist
7GM Jahangir AlomMemberMale2 yearJournalist and Currently working as   Social Activist

Address: Head Office

Village:Munshigonj, Post Office: Kalinagar,
Post Code:9455
Telephone:09696630061, +8801713897235, +8801913630061
E-mail:dearsbd.org@gmail.com, dearsabdullah@gmail.com
Contact person:MM Abdullah Al Mamun, Executive Director

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