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Our Goal

Around 80% of Bangladeshis live in rural areas. Most of this large population lives in poor and less educated societies. The objective of this organization is to raise awareness of the development of this poor class and to guide them towards economic freedom and to create a social and human dignity such as the large population which can find ways to earn income individually.

• With the coordinated development strategy of one or more activities, the country’s poorly-deprived poor unemployed people will be deprived of the knowledge of the community and the development of quality of life of the backward and backward communities.

• To coordinate and coordinate work with government and domestic and foreign volunteers or organizations.

• Implementation and implementation of various activities / projects that are useful for the socio-economic development of poor and disabled people in the villages and cities, and also take several steps to establish social dignity including education and health services.

• Keep a variety of awareness programs to preserve biodiversity in the area. • To release illiterate people from the curse of illiteracy through letter knowledge and to provide practical education with primary education and adult education for children, relevant approval for non-formal education. Grant scholarship to meritorious students and provide free educational material for the meritorious and meritorious students.

• Participation and support to the local government organizations participate in various developmental activities.

• To implement various activities, including meetings, seminars, syspositions, training and publication on relevant issues related to the organization’s objectives

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